Berlin puts the finishing touches to its Panorama selection


«Берлінале» завершив формування програми «Панорама».

Bénédicte Prot, Cineuropa

The recurring themes in the 45 films selected for this year’s Berlin Panorama are “breaking free”, “cinematic (self-)discoveries” and “artists’ portraits”.

Berlin puts the finishing touches to its Panorama selection.

The programme of the Panorama section of the 69th Berlin International Film Festival (7-17 February 2019) is now complete. Another 23 films have joined the 22 titles announced before Christmas, making a total of 45 selections representing 38 countries, including 30 fiction features, 15 documentaries, 19 debuts – amongst which the first films by high-profile actors Jonah Hill and Casey Affleck behind the camera (as well as in front of it in the latter’s case) – 18 fully European (co-)productions, and 11 co-productions with non-European countries.

Section head Paz Lázaro and co-curator and programme manager Michael Stütz hope that all of these works will make for a “controversial, political and provocative programme”, where one important recurring theme is “breaking free” from oppression (or attempting to do so), be it from the family, religion, heteronormativity or the capitalist system. Other prominent motifs this year are cinematic (self-)discovery and artists’ portraits.

Amongst the newcomers are German directors Edward Berger (the celebrated helmer of Jack, in competition in 2014) and Uli M Schüppel, also well known in the world of non-fiction. The opening film is Jenna Cato Bass’s European-South African title Flatland.

Here are the new additions to the Panorama 2019 line-up:

All My Loving – Edward Berger (Germany; на фото)
The Breath – Uli M Schüppel (Germany)
Flesh Out  – Michela Occhipinti (Italy)
Beauty and Decay – Annekatrin Hendel (Germany) (documentary)
Searching Eva – Pia Hellenthal (Germany) (documentary)
System K – Renaud Barret (France) (documentary)
Staff Only – Neus Ballús (Spain/France)
Normal – Adele Tulli (Italy/Sweden) (documentary)
Stitches – Miroslav Terzić (Serbia/Slovenia/Croatia/Bosnia and Herzegovina)
Western Arabs – Omar Shargawi (Denmark/Netherlands) (documentary)
Talking About Trees – Suhaib Gasmelbari (France/Sudan/Germany/Chad/Qatar) (documentary)
A Dog Barking at the Moon – Xiang Zi (China/Spain)
Midnight Traveler – Hassan Fazili (USA/UK/Qatar/Canada) (documentary)
On the Starting Line – Aldemar Matias (France/Cuba/Brazil) (documentary)
Brief Story from the Green Planet – Santiago Loza (Argentina/Germany/Brazil/Spain)
Divine Love – Gabriel Mascaro (Brazil/Uruguay/Chile/Denmark/Norway/Sweden)
Buoyancy – Rodd Rathjen (Australia)
Holy Beasts – Laura Amelia Guzmán (Dominican Republic/Argentina/Mexico)
Lemebel – Joanna Reposi Garibaldi (Chile/Colombia) (documentary)
Light of My Life – Casey Affleck (USA)
Serendipity – Prune Nourry (USA) (documentary)
The Shadow Play – Lou Ye (China)
Idol – Lee Su-jin (South Korea)

Previously announced titles:

Flatland – Jenna Bass (South Africa/Germany/Luxembourg) (opening film)
Dafne – Federico Bondi (Italy)
A Dog Called Money – Seamus Murphy (Ireland/UK) (documentary)
The Souvenir – Joanna Hogg (UK)
Hellhole – Bas Devos (Belgium/Netherlands)
Selfie – Agostino Ferrente (France/Italy) (documentary)
Jessica Forever – Caroline Poggi, Jonathan Vinel (France)
O Beautiful Night – Xaver Böhm (Germany)
The Miracle of the Sargasso Sea – Syllas Tzoumerkas (Greece/Germany/Netherlands/Sweden)
Chained – Yaron Shani (Israel/Germany)
Tremors – Jayro Bustamante (Guatemala/France/Luxembourg)
Monos – Alejandro Landes (Colombia/Argentina/Netherlands/Germany/Denmark/Sweden/Uruguay)
Shooting the Mafia – Kim Longinotto (Ireland/USA) (documentary)
Acid – Alexander Gorchilin (Russia)
The Day After I’m Gone – Nimrod Eldar (Israel)
Greta – Armando Praça (Brazil)
Waiting for the Carnival – Marcelo Gomes (Brazil) (documentary)
Family Members – Mateo Bendesky (Argentina)
Mid90s – Jonah Hill (USA)
Skin – Guy Nattiv (USA)
What She Said: The Art of Pauline Kael – Rob Garver (USA) (documentary)
37 Seconds – HIKARI (Japan)

Bénédicte Prot, Cineuropa, 22 січня 2019 року