Box Office: ‘Wizard of Oz’ Anniversary Screenings Set Fathom Record


Класичний «Чарівник країни Оз» встановив рекорд у кінопрокаті.

Dorothy and crew continue to deliver gold at the box office, even eight decades later.

Special 80th anniversary showings of The Wizard of Oz held over the course of five days delivered $2 million in grosses, a record for a classic movie brought back to the big screen by Fathom, according to the company.

The screenings were hosted across the country on Jan. 27-29, and again on Feb. 3 — Super Bowl Sunday — and Feb. 5.

Warner Bros.’ The Wizard of Oz kicks off Fathom’s yearlong 2019 TCM Big Screen Classics series, presented in partnership with Turner Classic Movies.

Previous Fathom record-holders included the 40th anniversary of Steven Spielberg’s Jaws in 2015 ($1.62 million); a 2014 presentation of Gone With the Wind ($1.55 million); and 2017’s 30th anniversary presentation of The Princess Bride ($1.48 million), all of which were presented in partnership with TCM.

“Seeing a flawless digital presentation of a beloved film offers a new level of appreciation for the magic of the movies and allows the opportunity to share that special experience with a new generation of fans,” said Fathom Events vp studio relations Tom Lucas.

Upcoming titles in the TCM Big Screen Classics series includes My Fair Lady; To Kill a Mockingbird; Ben-Hur; True Grit; Hello, Dolly!; Lawrence of Arabia; and When Harry Met Sally.

Pamela McClintock, The Hollywood Reporter, 6 лютого 2019 року