«Пасажир» зібрав у світовому прокаті 100 мільйонів доларів


Трилер Хауме Коллета-Серра «Пасажир», головні ролі в якому зіграли Ліам Нісон та Віра Фарміга, зібрав у світовому прокаті 100 млн. доларів.

В українських кінотеатрах стрічка, що її дистрибуцією опікується «Вольга Україна», з’явиться 22 березня 2018 року.

‘The Commuter’ Rides Past $100M At Worldwide Box Office

EXCLUSIVE: Liam Neeson-starrer The Commuter has ridden past the $100M worldwide whistle stop. The thriller, fully-financed by Studiocanal and directed by Jaume Collet-Serra, is the 5th time in Studiocanal’s history that it’s hit the global century milestone. Produced by The Picture Company, The Commuter has grossed $64.4M at the international box office and $36M domestically where Lionsgate released the $40M-budgeted pic. It began worldwide rollout on January 11.

There is still money on the table overseas with China, Russia, Brazil and Japan releases to come in March. The Commuter will pass Studiocanal’s Shaun The Sheep Movie ($106M) next month to become the company’s No. 4 biggest worldwide grosser ever. The three ahead of it are Paddington ($270M), Non Stop ($239M) and Paddington 2 ($217M, still in release).

Neeson plays a businessman on his daily commute home who unwittingly gets caught up in a criminal conspiracy. The Taken star as everyman hero has been successful in previous collaborations for the actor, Collet-Serra and Studiocanal including 2011’s Unknown ($136M WW — although not fully financed by SC) and 2014’s Non Stop. The global total on The Commuter, which is flirting with passing Unknown, exceeds the lifetimes of comps John Wick and The Grey.

Domestically, Lionsgate covered P&A as part of the company’s multiyear distribution deal with Studiocanal. An action thriller like this over-converts in the home entertainment market at about 70% of the box office less marketing costs.

In Studiocanal markets, The Commuter has traveled to $19.8M. Germany leads with $6.5M, followed by the UK ($5.4M), France ($4.1M), Australia ($2.5M), Austria ($717K) and New Zealand ($438K).

Overseas partners in Europe outside the SC markets grossed $15.1M from 25. Latin America has $12.5M so far in 17; Asia is at $9.6M from 9; the Middle East has collected $6.2M in 2; and Africa accounts for $869K from 3. The total is $44.6M.

Next up are Brazil and Russia on March 8.

The Commuter also stars Vera Farmiga, Sam Neill, Elizabeth McGovern and Jonathan Banks. Byron Willinger and Phil de Blasi wrote the script. The film is produced by The Picture Company’s Andrew Rona and Alex Heineman.

Nancy Tartaglione, Deadline, 21 лютого 2018 року