Indiewire 2018 Critics Poll: The Best Films and Performances According to Over 200 Critics From Around the World


Подаємо результати підсумкового опитування Indiewire, покликаного визначити найкращі кінодосягнення 2018 року на думку кінокритиків.

В опитуванні взяли участь 232 кінокритики з 32 країн, у тому числі – український кінокритик Дарія Бадьйор.

Найкращим фільмом вони назвали «Рому» Альфонсо Куарона.

«Донбас» Сергія Лозниці було згадано з-поміж найкращих фільмів року, які не знайшли дистрибуції у США.

2018 Critics Poll: The Best Films and Performances According to Over 200 Critics From Around the World

232 critics from 32 different countries voted in IndieWire’s annual survey of the year’s cinematic highlights.

Christian Blauvelt, Eric Kohn, Indiewire

Year-end buzz is often hijacked by noisy awards campaigns, but sometimes, it syncs up with critical consensus. That seems to be the case with “Roma,” Alfonso Cuarón’s nuanced ode to the domestic worker in his Mexican household in the 1970s. After winning multiple prizes from critics groups and topping numerous top 10 lists, “Roma” has received the most definitive endorsement from critics yet, by topping IndieWire’s year-end critics poll in the Best Film, Best Director, Best Foreign Film, and Best Cinematography categories.

The thirteenth edition of the survey presents an exhaustive overview of critical favorites, with a record-high of 232 critics voting from 32 countries, making it the largest survey of its kind. The outcome illustrates the sheer range of films celebrated by critics in 2018. While Cuarón dominated the film and director categories, Paul Schrader’s “First Reformed” received significant support that landed it in the second-place slot, while Lee Chang-dong scored second place as Best Director for his Korean Oscar submission “Burning,” which critics have been championing since its Cannes debut.

Both movies managed to top major categories for their performances, with “First Reformed” star Ethan Hawke winning Best Actor for his performance as an ideologically conflicted priest, and Steven Yeun winning Best Supporting Actor for his surprising turn as a confident man of mystery in “Burning.”

Critics didn’t forget about Yorgos Lanthimos’ dark regal comedy “The Favourite,” either. The twisted British crowdpleaser marked the first time that the Greek auteur worked with another screenwriter, and the result won the Best Screenplay category in IndieWire’s survey. (Originally written by Deborah Davis and reworked by Tony McNamara, the script for “The Favourite” landed just a few points ahead of “First Reformed.”) “The Favourite” also scored a Best Actress win for queen Olivia Colman (just ahead of “Roma” breakout Yalitza Aparicio), as well as a Best Supporting Actress win for Rachel Weisz, as the scheming assistant chasing Colman’s affection.

The Sundance Film Festival was a launchpad for several winners in the critics poll. Boots Riley’s wacky anti-capitalist satire “Sorry to Bother You” won the Best First Feature category, nearly a year after it became a Sundance sensation, and it squeaked ahead of Bo Burnham’s own Sundance debut, coming-of-age dramedy “Eighth Grade,” which came in second place. Sundance also launched “Minding the Gap,” newcomer Bing Liu’s touching look at his troubled family and his skateboarding community, to rave reviews. It won the survey’s Best Documentary prize.

While “Roma” continued its winning streak in the Best Foreign Language category, critics showed strong support for “Burning,” which came in second place. And while Cuarón received over 40% of the vote for Best Cinematography, second place went to another black-and-white period drama, “Cold War.”

Throughout the poll, many of the most beloved movies of 2018 managed to win in major categories, but the survey also urged critics to single out some underdogs with the Best Undistributed Films category. To qualify for this category, a movie must have screened for the first time in 2018 (at a festival or otherwise) but to date not have a U.S. distribution deal. Khalik Allah’s complex meditation on Jamaican identity, “Black Mother,” topped the list after it premiered at the True/False documentary film festival and received further acclaim at New Directors/New Films. Other undistributed highlights of the year singled out in this category include Sergei Loznitza’s “Donbass,” which premiered at Cannes, and Jodie Mack’s avant garde “The Grand Bizarre.”

Critics were also invited to share their enthusiasm for the year ahead by voting on the best 2019 release they had already seen. Claire Denis’ heady space odyssey “High Life,” which stars an incarcerated Robert Pattinson, topped the list following its successful fall season launch, when it landed distribution with A24.

As usual with this survey, the movies that won the most support in any given category only tell part of the story. Readers are encouraged to explore each list to experience the story of the movies in 2018, and treat it as a viewing guide over the holidays.

Some readers are partial to perusing individual critics’ ballots. Unfortunately, the current poll design does not allow us to display these results. However, the full list of participating critics is available, and we’re encouraging participants to share their ballots on Twitter using the hashtag #IWCriticsPoll.


  • “Roma” (1,086 points, 26% of first-place votes)
  • “First Reformed” (599, 6.7%)
  • “Burning” (548, 7.1%)
  • “The Favourite” (520, 2.9%)
  • “Cold War” (493, 2.9%)
  • “Shoplifters” (401, 1%)
  • “BlacKkKlansman” (391, 2.9%)
  • “Zama” (333, 4.2%)
  • “You Were Never Really Here” (329, 2.5%)
  • “If Beale Street Could Talk” (316, 1.7%%)

Note: “First Reformed” ultimately placed higher in this ranking, even though it received fewer first place votes than “Burning,” because it had more second, third, fourth, and fifth place votes. The same math applies to why “Zama” received more first-place votes than “The Favourite,” “Cold War,” “Shoplifters” and “BlacKkKlansman.”


  • Alfonso Cuarón, “Roma” (35.04%)
  • Lee Chang-Dong, “Burning” (5.13%)
  • Lynne Ramsay, “You Were Never Really Here” (4.27%)
  • Yorgos Lanthimos, “The Favourite” (4.27%)
  • Paul Schrader, “First Rerformed” (5.13%)

Note: Lynne Ramsay and Yorgos Lanthimos ultimately placed higher in this ranking, even though they received fewer first place votes than Paul Schrader, because they had more second, third, fourth, and fifth place votes.


  • Olivia Colman, “The Favourite” (16.58%)
  • Yalitza Aparicio, “Roma” (11.52%)
  • Toni Collette, “Hereditary” (7.37%)
  • Joanna Kulig, “Cold War” (6.91%)
  • Melissa McCarthy, “Can You Ever Forgive Me?” (5.06%)


  • Ethan Hawke, “First Reformed” (33.95%)
  • Joaquin Phoenix, “You Were Never Really Here” (10.23%)
  • Willem Dafoe, “At Eternity’s Gate” (6.98%)
  • Rami Malek, “Bohemian Rhapsody” (6.05%)
  • Viggo Mortensen, “Green Book” (6.51%)

Note: Rami Malek placed above Viggo Mortensen in the ranking despite Mortensen receiving more first place votes because Malek received more second, third, fourth, and fifth place votes.


  • Rachel Weisz, “The Favourite” (13.13%)
  • Regina King, “If Beale Street Could Talk” (14.14%)
  • Emma Stone, “The Favourite” (10.6%)
  • Elizabeth Debicki, “Widows” (9.09%)
  • Thomasin McKenzie, “Leave No Trace” (6.06%)

Note: Rachel Weisz placed above Regina King in the ranking despite King receiving more first place votes because Weisz received more second, third, fourth, and fifth place votes.


  • Steven Yeun, “Burning” (20.09%)
  • Richard E. Grant, “Can You Ever Forgive Me?” (15.69%)
  • Hugh Grant, “Paddington 2” (6.37%)
  • Adam Driver, “BlacKkKlansman” (7.35%)
  • Sam Elliott, “A Star Is Born” (5.88%)

Note: Hugh Grant placed above Adam Driver in the ranking despite Driver receiving more first place votes because Grant received more second, third, fourth, and fifth place votes.


  • “Minding the Gap” (15.82%)
  • “Won’t You Be My Neighbor?” (8.67%)
  • “Three Identical Strangers” (6.63%)
  • “Free Solo” (7.65%)
  • “Hale County, This Morning, This Evening” (7.14%)

Note: “Three Identical Strangers” placed above “Free Solo” and “Hale County, This Morning, This Evening” in the ranking despite the other two films receiving more #1 votes, because “Three Identical Strangers” had more second, third, fourth, and fifth place votes.


NOTE: Only one film was permitted per ballot.

  • “Sorry to Bother You” (43 votes)
  • “Eighth Grade” (42 votes)
  • “Hereditary” (30 votes)
  • “A Star Is Born” (20 votes)
  • “Minding the Gap” (17 votes)


  • “The Favourite” (13.52%)
  • “First Reformed” (13.04%)
  • “Roma” (7.73%)
  • “Can You Ever Forgive Me?” (8.21%)
  • “Burning” (5.31%)

Note: “Roma” placed higher than “Can You Ever Forgive Me?” even though “Can You Ever Forgive Me?” received more first place votes because “Roma” ultimately received more second, third, fourth, and fifth place votes.


  • “Roma” (42.65%)
  • “Burning” (15.67%)
  • “Shoplifters” (6.37%)
  • “Cold War” (8.33%)
  • “Capernaum” (1.47%)

Note: “Shoplifters” placed higher than “Cold War” in the ranking, even though “Cold War” received more first place votes, because “Shoplifters” received more second, third, fourth, and fifth place votes.


  • “Roma” (40.98%)
  • “Cold War” (8.78%)
  • “If Beale Street Could Talk” (4.88%)
  • “First Man” (2.93%)
  • “The Favourite” (5.37%)

Note: “If Beale Street Could Talk” and “First Man” ultimately received a higher ranking than “The Favourite,” even though “The Favourite” had more first place votes, because “If Beale Street Could Talk” and “First Man” received more second, third, fourth, and fifth place votes.


NOTE: Only one film was permitted per ballot.

  • “High Life”
  • “Transit”
  • “Birds of Passage”
  • “Her Smell/”Everybody Knows”/”In Fabric” (this is a three-way tie for fourth place)


NOTE: Only one film was permitted per ballot.

  • “Black Mother”
  • “Donbass”
  • “The Grand Bizarre”
  • “American Dharma”
  • “La Flor”

The full list of critics who participated

  1. A.A. Dowd, The A.V. Club
  2. Adam Chitwood, Collider
  3. Adam Cook, Toronto Film Festival
  4. Adam Kempenaar, Filmspotting
  5. Adrian Danks, RMIT University
  6. Adriana Fernandez, Reforma
  7. Ahmed Shawky, Freelance
  8. Akemi Nakamura, Cut
  9. Alan Cerny, ComingSoon.Net
  10. Alan Scherstuhl, Voice Media Group
  11. Alejandra Musi Arcelus, El Universal
  12. Alex Billington, Firstshowing.Net
  13. Alison Willmore, BuzzFeed News
  14. Alissa Wilkinson, Vox
  15. Amy Taubin, Film Comment
  16. Ana Josefa Silva, Bio Bio Radio
  17. Andreas Kilb, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung
  18. Andrew Lapin, NPR
  19. Andrew Parker, Freelance
  20. Andy Crump, Freelance
  21. Angie Han, Mashable
  22. Anke Leweke, radioeins, Deutschlandfunk Kultur
  23. Anne Thompson, IndieWire
  24. Annlee Ellingson, L.A. Biz
  25. Antoine Guillot, France Culture
  26. Arturo Aguilar, Fullscreen Studio / W Radio
  27. Asli Ildir, Altyazi Monthly Cinema Magazine
  28. Avner Shavit, Walla
  29. Ayelet Dekel, Midnight East
  30. Aysha Iqbal, Indian Institute of Technology, Madras
  31. Beatriz Martínez, El Periódico / Fotogramas
  32. Ben Nicholson, Freelance
  33. Blake Williams, CinemaScope Magazine
  34. Boris Sollazzo, Ischia Film Festival director
  35. Brian Tallerico,
  36. Cameron Williams, Freelance
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  39. Carmen Gray, Freelance
  40. Caryn James, BBC Culture
  41. Chanil Jeon, AsiaN
  42. Chris Broodryk, University of Pretoria
  43. Chris Evangelista, Slashfilm
  44. Chris Knight, National Post
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Christian Blauvelt, Eric Kohn, Indiewire, 17 грудня 2018 року