У 2015 році норвезьке кіно встановило рекорд на міжнародному кіноринку


У 2015 році норвезьке кіно встановило рекорд на міжнародному кіноринку.

Загальні доходи норвезьких фільмів за межами Норвегії склали 9 млн. євро – на 26% більше, ніж у 2014 році.

За кордон було продано 18 із 23 фільмів, прем’єри яких відбулися у 2015 році.

Найуспішнішими стали стрічки «Хвиля» Роара Утхауга (1,6 млн. глядачів у Норвегії та світі, на фото) та «Гучніше за бомби» Йоахима Трієра (250 тис. глядачів за межами Норвегії).

При тому три найпопулярніші фільми були продані на суму 7 млн. євро.

Норвезький кіноінститут, який опрацьовує статистику, у своїх підрахунках враховував усі види продажів.

Попередні продажі склали 6,6 млн. євро (73% від надходжень). Решта продажів – 2,5 млн. євро (27%).

Record sales of Norwegian films

The accumulated export value of the 2015 films is estimated to NOK 87,3 million (€9 million) – an increase of 26%.

The Norwegian Film Institute has since 2002 collected sales figures for Norwegian theatrical films. The latest report contains the accumulated sales of the 23 films, that premiered between January 1st and December 31st 2015, among these were 5 docs and 5 children`s features. 18 of these films were sold internationally.

The selection consists of the films that premiered in 2015, and the delay is in order for the films to accumulate revenues from all windows before the export income can be calculated.

The Wave and Louder Than Bombs

One of the films was the Norwegian disaster movie The Wave (dir: Roar Uthaug), which has been watched by more than 1,6M people, both domestic and internationally. Louder Than Bombs (dir: Joachim Trier) was another international success with over 250.000 admissions outside Norway.

So much more than Nordic Noir

The export record confirms a steady increase and a growing interest for Norwegian films from the international market from 2002 an up until today. Norwegian films both have high quality and a large variety in genres and expressions – and they are so much more than Nordic Noir, says Stine Helgeland, Head of Department for Communications, Strategic Insight and International Relations at the Norwegian Film Institute.

The conservatively estimated accumulated value of the film export is NOK 87,3 million (€9 million). This is NOK 18,1 million (€1,8 million), or 26% more than the films from 2014 which was the last all time high. Out of the NOK 87,3 million, presales accounts for NOK 63,6 million (€6,6 million – 73%) while other sales accounted for NOK 23,7 million (€2,5 million 27%).

Three films sold for NOK 67 million  (€7 million)

The three films from 2015 who had the largest export value in 2015, sold for NOK 67,3M (€7 million) internationally. This is a sharp increase, compared to 2014, when the three most valuable films sold for NOK 38,2 M (€4 million).

The market for international sales of Norwegian films is unstable and very dependent on the audience potential of a few films which can have a strong impact on the export value of Norwegian films each year.

The Norwegian Film Institute, 5 грудня 2017 року