All The New Netflix Comedy Specials, Movies & Series Coming In January 2019


Sarah Aswell, Forbes про нові комедійні програми, фільми і серіали, що виходять на Netflix у січні 2019 року.

We might be heading into a new year, but Netflix is forging forward with many of the same strategies in place it’s used in the past for staying on top of the steaming services mountain – such as offering a bevy of original comedy content, including stand-up specials, traditional television series, and mini-documentaries. In January, the television giant is debuting two feature-length specials, a new series starring comedy legend Chevy Chase, and an almost un-categorizable half-hour comedy docu-series helmed by rapper Killer Mike. Let’s take a closer look.

January 1: Comedians of the World

Following in the footsteps of Netflix’s comedy series like The Standups and The Degenerates, Comedians of the World gives a group of up-and-coming comics a few minutes to shine in the streaming spotlight. In addition, this series does double duty, helping Netflix with its strategy of overseas growth by featuring comedians from 13 different regions around the world and a wide range of languages, including French, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, Dutch, and German. A shocking 47 different comics recorded half-hour specials for this behemoth of a show – that’s more just shy of two solid days of laughs if you dared to marathon it.

January 11: The Last Laugh

Starring Chevy Chase as a retired talent agent and Richard Dreyfuss as a comedian who never made the big time, this new half-hour comedy follows two friends as they reconnect and try for success during a cross-country tour. The preview is studded with big stars like Andie McDowell, Lewis Black, Kate Micucci and Chris Parnell – and the tone looks light, fun, and with a heaping serving of take-my-wife-please dad jokes.

January 15: Sebastian Maniscalco: Stay Hungry

This will be career stand-up Sebastian Maniscalco’s fourth hour-long comedy special in the last decade, and his first effort working with Netflix rather than his old home, Showtime. His latest effort is based on his bestselling memoir of the same name, which is about his years of playing bowling alleys and open mics before making it big.

January 18: Trigger Warning With Killer Mike

Rapper and activist Killer Mike premieres his six-episode series mid-month, which Netflix describes as a comedy docu-series about society and culture. We don’t exactly know what that means, but we are fans of Run the Jewels and basically everything else Killer Mike has released.

“Trigger Warning is about examining cultural taboos and giving viewers the space to examine the ‘what ifs’ and ‘why nots’ that limit how some people move and operate in the world,” he released in a statement. “In six episodes, we explore the human condition using nontraditional approaches. Not everyone will agree with my methods (and some of what we’re putting out is fucking crazy), but this show is about embracing your freedom to challenge societal expectations and conformity. This show is if an anarchist determined the status quo.”

If that’s still too confusing for you, but Killer Mike also recently tweeted, “I can’t believe they let us make this show.”

January 29: Gabriel “Fluffy” Iglesias: One Show Fits All

Comedian Gabriel Iglesias already has a successful reality show, Fluffy’s Food Adventures, on Fuse, which ended its third season this summer. Now, he’s debuting his first full-length comedy special with Netflix, in which it seems from the title the uber-popular comic is continuing his winning brand of jokes about his size. Logging in at 90 minutes, this is the first of two stand-up specials he’s agreed to do with Netflix, in addition to a multi-cam comedy series called Mr. Iglesias, in which he plays an inspiring high school teacher.

Once you’re done watching all of the new, original programming listed above, you can start in on some of the comedy classics Netflix is adding next month, including The Addams Family, Swingers, and Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. Pulp Fiction is also being added to the streaming library on January 1, which is a comedy in kind of the same way that Die Hard is a Christmas movie.

Sarah Aswell, Forbes, 29 грудня 2018 року