Pakistan Bans Indian Films Amid Growing Political & Military Tension


Асоціація демонстраторів фільмів Пакистану вирішила бойкотувати індійські фільми після того, як Індія завдала удару по території країни. Натомість учасники асоціації зосередяться на показах національних фільмів.

Раніше Верховний суд Пакистану заборонив показ індійського аудіовізуального продукту на телебаченні.

У свою чергу Індійська асоціація працівників кіно закликала заборонити громадянам Пакистану працювати в індійському кінематографі.

Pakistan has banned Bollywood films amid growing political tension, a minister has declared.

Pakistan’s Film Exhibitors Association has decided to boycott Indian content, Fawad Chaudhry, the country’s information minister, said on Tuesday following air strikes by Indian forces near the border with Pakistan-administered Kashmir. The politician has also moved to restrict Indian-origin TV advertisements.

“No Indian movies will be released in Pakistan,” he wrote on Twitter.

On Wednesday Pakistan said it had carried out air raids in Indian-administered Kashmir and shot down two Indian jets in its own airspace.

India has said that its targeted raids were on a training camp for armed group Jaish-e-Mohammad, which claimed responsibility for a suicide attack earlier this month that killed 42 Indian security personnel. Pakistan has denied any involvement in the attack.

“In light of the prevailing situation, and in solidarity with the government, the film exhibitors fraternity has volunteered to focus on local content till the normalisation of the current situation in the region,” Zoraiz Lashari, chairperson of the Film Exhibitors Association, said in a statement to Al Jazeera.

“We believe art and film is a universal language that transcends borders and brings people closer. We hope we can all play a positive role in reducing tensions, and supporting policies that bring peace and prosperity to the people of the entire region,” he added.

Tension is once again at boiling point between the neighbouring nuclear powers over the long-contested Kashmir region. The discord is spilling over into the entertainment sectors.

Soon after the deadly suicide attack this month, the All Indian Cine Workers Association called for a complete ban on Pakistani actors and artists working in the Indian film sector.

“If any organisation insists on working with Pakistani artists, it will be banned by AICWA and a strong action will be taken against them. Nation comes first, we stand with our nation,” the group said.

Pakistan’s Supreme Court recently issued a ban on the broadcast of Indian content on local TV while digital coverage of the ongoing Pakistan Super League cricket competition has been blocked in India. There is mounting speculation that the anticipated World Cup cricket match between the two in July could be called off.

Andreas Wiseman, Deadline, 27 лютого 2019 року