Premio Kinéo Diamanti al Cinema – Kinéo Movie Diamond Award – 15th Anniversary


Подаємо інформацію про премію Kinéo Diamanti al Cinema, яку було вручено фільму «Ізі» Андреа Маньяні в рамках Венеційського МКФ, підготовлену до її минулорічного 15-го видання.

Premio Kinéo Diamanti al Cinema – Kinéo Movie Diamond Award – 15th Anniversary

– Kinéo Movie Diamond Award is a tribute to the best of Italian movie production assigned by the public and by a jury of excellent personalities in the world of cinema art and business, according to a criterion combining artistic quality, success and potential diffusion in the international market.

The Award was established in 2002 on the initiative of the Ministry of Culture, in Italy, to promote the national film industry, and intended to be celebrated each year at the Venice Film Festival. This year Kinéo has celebrated its 15th Anniversary at the 74th Venice Film Festival.

Today Kinéo Award has expanded and incude special recognitions from key partners such as CSC (Experimental Center of Cinematography) Award, SNCCI (National Union of Film Critics), the magazine Best Movie, at its 15th anniversary as well, or major realities of culture, education and business.

The awards

– Kinéo Award to best picture, best film comedy, best director, best film debut, best actor, best actress, best supporting actor, best supporting actress,

– Kinéo Tv Series Award to the mostly appreciated TV Series in the international market;

– Kinéo&SNCCI Award to the film that achieved the best balance between authorial quality and audience’s interest;

– KGR Kinéo Young Revelations Award to artists and filmmakers with a potential keen talent;

– Kinéo Movie for Humanity Award, a recognition of excellence, assigned, under certain conditions, to artists who devoted to humanitarian and civil causes and environment protection;

– Kinéo Art Award, a tribute to prominent artist or communicators of arts and culture;

– Kinéo & Ferragamo Parfums Award to international artists;

– Kinéo & S.Pellegrino Award to international artists;

On the occasion of its 15th anniversary and special award were assigned to prominent artist of italian and international cinematograohy

The Kinéo Trophy was designed and manufactured, as a tower of light embellished with a brilliant set on the front of the base, by Ateliers Dinand, a design studio based in Paris with subsidiaries in Italy, Europe and USA.

– Kinéo Movie Diamond Award – The Winners

– Best Film Drama – In guerra per amore by PIF

– Best Film Comedy – Mr. felicità by Alessandro Siani

– Best Film Debut – Nobili bugie by Antonio Pisu

– Best Film Director – Francesco Bruni for Tutto quello che vuoi

– SNCCI Public & Critics Award – Francesco Bruni for Tutto quello che vuoi

– Best Actor – Antonio Albanese for Mamma o papà

– Best Supporting Actor – Michele Placido for La cena di Natale

– Best Actress – Anna Foglietta for Che vuoi che sia

– Best Supporting Actress – Valentina Lodovini for La verità sta in cielo

– Honorary Awaed 15 Years – Raffaele Pisu

– Kinéo Music International Award – Giovanni Allevi

– Best Movie Award to Italian Talent 2017 – Jasmine Trinca

– Best Movie 15 Years International Award – Edgar Wright

– Kinéo 15 Years Award – Vittoria Puccini

– Kinéo International Documentary Award – The Man Who Unlocked the Universe – Producer Lola Karimova-Tillyaeva

– Kinéo International Award – Thierry Fremaux – Cannes Film Festival and Grand Lyon Film Festival Director

– Best Tv Series “The Young Pope” by Paolo Sorrentino. Kinéo Award to Silvio Orlando (Supporting Role)

– Kinéo International Award and Salvatore Ferragamo Parfums Award to Susan Sarandon

– Kinéo International Award and S. Pellegrino Award – Claudia Cardinale Kinéo Internation Award – Armand Assante

– Anica Focus China & Kinéo Award – Celina Jade

– Kinéo 15 Years Award – Michele Riondino

– Kinéo Plate 15 Yeras to Variety International Editor Henry Chu Will

– Kinéo Plate 15 Yeras to Rai Cinema Managing Director Paolo Del Brocco

– Kinéo Young Revelations Award – Vincenzo Crea

– Kinéo Young Revelations Award – Cristiano Caccamo

– Kinéo Young Revelations Award – Paola Calliari

– Kinéo Young Revelations Special Mention – Silvia D’Amico

Premio Kinéo Diamanti al Cinema