Бен Аффлек, що палить, сумний і невеселий


Allie Jones, The Cut уклала низку фотографій Бена Аффлека, що палить, сумно-невесело осмислюючи життя.

A Miserable Gallery of Ben Affleck Smoking Through the Pain of Existence

Ben Affleck loves to smoke and hates the thought of existing in his own body for the rest of his time on earth. This was made apparent earlier this week when he was spotted taking a long, shaky drag on a Camel after spending his 44th birthday with his estranged wife Jennifer Garner and their three children in London. This is not the first time Affleck has inhaled smoke and stared up at his own eyelids pondering quiet escape from everything, of course. Below, a slideshow of Ben Affleck smoking.

Allie Jones, The Cut, 25 серпня 2016 року